Useful links for Windows 8 developers

Here is a very good compilation of links that Tiago Andrade e Silva shared with me today, which developers creating Windows Store apps for Windows 8 will find very useful:

Help with app certification

  • Windows 8 app certification requirements
    This guiding document is updated to include more details and examples of what’s required to pass certification.

  • Avoiding common certification failures
    Driven by the app certification team, this new topic lists common reasons why apps fail certification.

  • Resolving certification failures
    This new article contains an entry for each certification requirement, and lists the current recommendations for resolving common failures. When a developer learns that their app has failed certification, point them here.

  • Index of UX guidelines
    The index of UX guidelines is the checklist used to evaluate apps in the App Fast Track.

Developer registration

  • Opening a developer account
    This topic explains the steps to open a Windows Store developer account. Once an account is open, developers can log into their Store Dashboard and start publishing apps.

  • About strong authentication
    This topic explains how Microsoft Accounts are kept secure by requiring security proofs that use multiple forms of identification.

Publishing apps

In-app purchases

  • In-app purchase experience for a customer
    This topic describes how an in-app purchase looks to a customer.

  • How to support in-app purchases
    Your app can offer products and features that your customers can buy from within the app. Here we show you how to enable these offers in your app

  • Verifying purchases using receipts
    In some situations, you may need to verify that a user made an in-app purchase. For example, imagine a game that offers downloaded content. If the user who purchased the content wants to play the game on another PC, you need to verify that the user purchased the content.

Marketing materials

  • Marketing your app
    In addition to articles on how to create a great app listing in the Windows Store, you can get Windows Store logos, usage specifications, and other marketing assets.

You can also find other documentation, e-books, hands-on-labs, and samples here:

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