Here is a list of tools that I find useful for my current development efforts. This list is in no particular order, and it changes over time.

Last update: 2012-10-19.

Text/Code Editors

  • Regex Pixie
    Great tool for crafting Regular Expressions and testing them in real time.

  • Notepad++
    Free text editor, super fast, and with support for syntax highlighting and auto-complete for several languages.

  • JSON Editor Online
    Online editor that allows me to view, edit and format JSON files.

  • MarkPad
    Free and open-source visual MarkDown editor with side-by-side preview, rendered in real time.

Image Editors

  • Paint.NET
    Free image editor built in .NET, with support for lots of plugins.

  • x-icon editor
    Online icon editor that allows me to draw my icons from scratch or create icons from pictures. Perfect for creating favicons for sites.

Source Control

  • Git
    Free and open-source distributed source control management system. I use Git for all of my software development projects, from small personal projects to very large projects.

  • Git-TF
    Git-TF is a bridge between Git and TFS. I love using Git, but lots of customers use TFS, and this tool allows me to fetch updates from a TFS project to a local Git repository, make the changes I need and commit locally, and eventually update the TFS project with my local changes. It’s a great deal… I get to keep using Git without having to touch TFS, and the customer gets the changes stored in the company’s TFS repository.

FTP and File Management

  • FileZilla
    Free and open-source FTP client and server.

  • 7-zip
    Free and open-source file archiver with support for .zip, .rar, .iso, .vhd, and other formats.

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