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Detect if the Debugger is attached via JavaScript in a Windows Store app

There are some cases where we want a block of o code or function to be executed only when we are debugging the application, usually to show detailed error messages that are intended only for the developer to see.

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Global exception handling in Windows Store JavaScript applications

When an unhandled exception occurs in a Windows Store app, this application is terminated immediately, in a silent way and without showing any error message to the user. This is the default behavior, but we can change it, if we … Continue reading

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Content of the Windows 8 Camps Events (Code, Samples, Slides)

Update 2012-09-10: All the content of the Windows 8 Camp in a Box has been updated to the Windows 8 RTM ;). Make sure you download it again if you have a previous version! Since March of this year Microsoft … Continue reading

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