“SecureBoot isn’t configured correctly” after installing Windows 8.1

windows-81-secure-boot-build-9600After installing Windows 8.1 on my PC, I noticed a watermark in the right bottom corner with the message “Windows 8.1 SecureBoot isn’t configured correctly. Build 9600“, even after having configured Secure Boot correctly (me thinks).

Microsoft has, on TechNet, an article a explaining how to configure Secure Boot, and I followed all the steps described in that article and still couldn’t get rid of that watermarked message. Article: “Secure Boot isn’t configured correctly”: troubleshooting.

After some search on the Internet, I realized I was not the only one having this “issue”, and a few days later Microsoft released an update/hotfix that removes that “SecureBoot” watermark message:
Update removes the “Windows 8.1 SecureBoot isn’t configured correctly” watermark in Windows 8.1 and Windows Server 2012 R2. After installing this update, the message was gone :).

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