Video Recordings

Here are the video recordings of some of the presentations I did in conferences, community events, and webcasts. A list of all the speaking engagements that I’ve presented are available here, but unfortunately not all of them were recorded.

Windows 8: How to Develop Metro Style Apps (In Portuguese)

At the 2nd NetPonto User Group Meeting in Oporto (Portugal), April 2012

Windows Workflow Foundation 4: Introduction (In Portuguese)

At the 25th NetPonto User Group Meeting in Lisbon (Portugal), December 2011

What’s new in ASP .NET MVC 3 (In Portuguese)

At the ISEL Tech 2011 (Portugal), May 2011

Introduction to Git and Distributed Source Control (In Portuguese)

At the 17th NetPonto User Group Meeting in Lisbon (Portugal), January 2011

What’s new in ASP .NET MVC 3 BETA (In Portuguese)

Microsoft WebDay 2010 Porto (Portugal), October 2010

Visual Studio 2008 and Visual Studio 2010 Certifications (In Portuguese)

Webcast: The New Generation of Microsoft Certifications, December 2009

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