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Create a new SQL Server login and add it to the sysadmin role

This is for for my own future reference as I see myself often having to create a sysadmin user when setting up new SQL Server instances:

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Learning SQL Server 2008: How to start?

For those of you that already have some experience with the SQL Server 2005 or even SQL Server 2000, and would like to learn about the new features introduced in the latest version of SQL Server, a good place to … Continue reading

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Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Certification: BETA exams available

Microsoft has released three BETA certification exams for SQL Server 2008 that can can be taken free of charge during the month of September. It’s a great opportunity for those who already know SQL Server 2008 or for those who … Continue reading

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Compare text in SQL Server in a case-sensitive way

When we install SQL Server, the default collation is SQL_Latin1_General_CP1_CI_AS, which makes all comparisons in queries to be case-insensitive. The “_CI_” in the collation is the abbreviation of “Case Insensitive”.

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