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How to be a better developer?

Rodrigo Diaz wrote a very interesting post with a list of things that he tries to do in his personal life, that he believes makes him a better developer. In his post, Rodrigo tagged me and a few other developers, … Continue reading

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Batch Files Batch: Delete a file only if it exists

Recently I needed to automate a very simple process using .cmd/.bat files where I needed to delete a number of files that may or may not exist in a given folder. The requirements were:

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.NET Framework 3.5 Beta Exams Extended

The BETA certification exams for the .NET Framework 3.5 have been extended through February 8th 2008, and it’s still possible to take one of the exams below for free: 71-502 TS: Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 – Windows Presentation Foundation; 71-504 … Continue reading

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Paperclip Themes for BlogEngine.NET

Update (2011-05-11): WordPress ecosystem just became better and better every year and I eventually gave up on BlogEngine.NET and migrated this blog to WordPress which right now is the best blogging platform available in my opinion. The ‘Paperclip’ theme for … Continue reading

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